Ipads for Struggling Readers

Grant Proposal

The idea behind this project is that struggling readers will become more motivated, capable and skilled when they have frequent and varied opportunities to engage with text, both reading and writing. This grant will provide a classroom set of 18 ipads, and one each for the two teachers. We will share one cart of ipads in an as-yet-undetermined cycle. Because our school has a strong commitment to provide support for students who need it, our reading classes are small; thus we have ipads for every student to use while in our rooms.

On Nov. 13, 2013, we were ecstatic to hear that we had  received the grant. On Nov. 20, we met with Wendy Biallas-Odell, Mary Klauk, Gary Fab, Lisa Sjogren, Sara Vernig, Eric Mjolsness and Brenda Tiber to work out preliminary details for purchase of equipment and learn more about the data collection, timeline creation and the reporting/accountability process. On Nov. 26, we met with Mary Klauk for half a day to explore possible resources and data collection options.  We received our teacher ipads the following day.

From that time forward, we have been working individually on our own time to identify ways we can utilize the ipads in our respective classrooms. We expect that we’ll receive the equipment soon after Christmas break, and we will be recording our experiences here!


About ipadintegration

I teach English at Maple Grove Senior High and am collaborating with Jen Hinker. Both licensed reading teachers, we're embarking on this ipod integration as a way to help our students succeed.
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