iPads in their hands!

On Thursday, Library Media Specialist Mary Klauk and I introduced my students to the iPads. We assigned each student a specific iPad to use each time they work with the technology. Students practiced unplugging the iPads from the cart, but time flew and about half the units were returned to the cart by Mrs. Klauk to avoid student tardies.
Some bumps today:
–Students couldn’t access their school Google mail accounts from the Google Drive app installed on the iPads, but they were able to get in to mail by going through the web and the school website.
–Cameras were a distraction to a couple of students, so we’re going to have them temporarily disabled until needed.
–A message I had sent to the students inviting them to flash cards I created for their use on StudyBlue hadn’t been delivered. When we tested it with just one apps.district279 address it worked, but the “bulk” message didn’t. Probably a problem with the way the email addresses were copied from Schoolview.
Good things:
–Students were excited.
–All but one student had used an iPad previously, so we didn’t need to provide any assistance with the hardware.

Overall it was a successful introduction. I feel overwhelmed with the amount of trial and error required to test things out and find what does and doesn’t work.

I spent several hours during times between parent teacher conferences that evening experimenting with Show Me and Evernote. Today is Saturday, and I’m entering hour three now. I’m using my own personal iPad mini and my grant funded iPad together to become more skilled with a couple of apps that I want to use.
–Flipboard will be useful for students in order to collect and save thematic or topic-related online news items and other texts.
–I’m hoping Subtext Premium will be operational for me next week so that I can begin using it to deliver high interest short texts for my students, embedding comprehension and analysis tasks within the reading.
More later . . .


About ipadintegration

I teach English at Maple Grove Senior High and am collaborating with Jen Hinker. Both licensed reading teachers, we're embarking on this ipod integration as a way to help our students succeed.
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